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At Seedlesson, we offer transformative programs designed to bridge the digital divide and provide an advantage by teaching essential technology skills. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or language, has access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Workforce Programs

Job Search: Resumes and Cover Letters

Empower job seekers with the latest tools and techniques in AI and Google Workspace. This program guides participants through optimizing resumes, crafting compelling cover letters, and managing job applications using AI-driven tools and Google Workspace. From job search strategies to interview preparation, this program ensures participants are well-equipped to land their desired roles.

Project Management: Business Launch

Empower entrepreneurs with the latest strategies and tools for launching a new business. This program guides participants through developing a comprehensive marketing and communication plan, setting up social media, and strategizing about pricing. From initial business planning to executing effective marketing campaigns, this program ensures participants are well-prepared to successfully launch their new ventures.

Project Management: Social Media

Equip participants with the skills to manage social media projects effectively. This program guides participants through understanding how to create a comprehensive project management plan, researching and planning campaigns, creating a publishing calendar, and generating content using AI tools. From strategic planning to content creation, this program ensures participants are well-equipped to run successful social media campaigns.

Project Management: Events

Provide participants with the knowledge to manage event projects efficiently. This program guides participants through understanding how to create a detailed project management plan, utilizing AI to create tasks, and organizing tasks for seamless execution. From planning to organizing, this program ensures participants are well-prepared to manage successful events.

Communication: Business Customers

Empower people with communication techniques using AI. This program guides participants through using AI to communicate with customers, understanding how to handle various business situations including quote requests, setting appointments, and billing, and translating information effectively. From enhancing communication skills to leveraging AI tools, this program ensures participants are well-prepared to excel in business communications.

Software: Accounting

Equip participants with the skills to effectively use Freshbooks for accounting. This program guides participants through setting up the software, configuring a Freshbooks accounting system, using both web and mobile-based versions, and creating estimates and invoices. From software setup to financial management, this program ensures participants are well-prepared to utilize Freshbooks for their accounting needs.

Train the Trainer Programs

Community Trainers

Develop local expertise with our Community Trainers program. This initiative trains community members to become technology instructors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to teach others. Participants will learn how to create lesson plans, deliver engaging workshops, and provide ongoing support to their community.

Youth to Youth Trainers

Empower the next generation with our Youth to Youth Trainers program. This program trains young individuals to become technology instructors for their peers, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. Participants will learn how to design and deliver tech workshops, creating a positive impact within their schools and communities.

Program Delivery


Experience the benefits of our programs through in-person training. Participants will engage directly with instructors and peers, allowing for hands-on learning and immediate feedback. This delivery method fosters a collaborative and interactive environment, ideal for developing practical skills and building community connections.

Online Remote

Access our programs from anywhere with our remote delivery option. This flexible method uses virtual tools to provide the same high-quality training as our in-person sessions. Participants can learn at their own pace and convenience, making it easy to balance professional development with other commitments.


Stay connected and engaged with our programs through SMS and WhatsApp. This delivery method ensures participants can access resources and support directly on their mobile devices. It’s a convenient way to receive updates, participate in discussions, and continue learning even with a busy schedule.


Our multilingual team ensures that our programs are accessible to a wider audience by offering instruction in English, Spanish, and Chinese. This commitment to language diversity allows participants from various backgrounds to comprehend and apply the material. We enhance inclusivity and provide a richer learning experience, enabling participants to achieve their goals effectively.


Polo Valdovinos

Bio image Polo Valdovinos

Polo Valdovinos is an experienced Program Developer and Manager with over 20 years of expertise in delivering software products and managing global teams. He has a strong background implementing work skill training programs. Polo's extensive experience includes working within library programs to support English language learners and other community groups.

Kevin Hu

Bio image Kevin Hu

Kevin is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in product management and technology consulting. As a Program Developer, Kevin has implemented innovative programs that integrate content, communication, and impact data. His prior roles include leading technology consulting projects, including the deployment of a student case management system for thousands of users.

Joana Figueroa

Bio image of Joana Figueroa

Joana is a dedicated Technology Trainer with a strong background in literacy and education programs. Growing up in a bilingual household, she developed a deep appreciation for both Spanish and English, which has fueled her passion for languages and communication. Joana excels at connecting with students, creating and implementing programs that empower individuals through technology.

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