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At Seedlesson, we offer transformative programs designed to bridge the digital divide and provide an advantage by teaching essential technology skills. Our mission is to enable the use of modern technologies to help drive economic advancement.


AI: Introduction

In this lesson, you'll gain an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We'll explore what AI is, its benefits, and the potential challenges it poses. You'll understand the foundational concepts of AI and how it's transforming various industries. By the end of this lesson, you'll be equipped with basic knowledge to further explore AI technologies.

AI: Life Skills

This lesson focuses on essential life skills facilitated by AI. You'll learn about maintaining nutritional health, writing letters effectively, and becoming an independent learner. These skills will help you in daily life and enhance your personal development. You'll also explore AI tools that can assist in managing daily tasks more efficiently.

AI: Work Skills

Develop vital work skills with this lesson. You'll learn to create resumes, search for jobs, and leverage platforms like LinkedIn and social media. Additionally, you'll practice writing cover letters and improve your interviewing techniques using tools like Chat GPT. This lesson will prepare you to effectively navigate the modern job market.

Career Learning: Worker Rights

Understand your worker rights at both federal and state levels. This lesson covers essential information about your legal rights in the workplace, helping you navigate your career with confidence and awareness. You'll learn about the resources available to you and how to advocate for your rights.


Digital Media: Image Editing

Learn the basics of image editing with tools like PhotoPea and Canva. This lesson will guide you through creating visually appealing graphics and editing photos, equipping you with essential digital media skills. These skills are crucial for creating professional and polished digital content.

Career Learning: Entry Level Jobs

Explore entry-level job opportunities in UI/UX testing, bug testing, and office administration. This lesson provides insights into these roles, preparing you for a successful start in your career. You'll also gain tips on how to excel in these positions and advance your career.

Career Learning: Intermediate Level Jobs

Advance your career with intermediate-level job skills in website management and social media management. This lesson covers the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these positions. You'll learn how to effectively manage online presence and engage with audiences.

Meeting Management: Online

Enhance your online meeting management skills with this lesson. You'll learn to use platforms like LinkedIn and Zoom effectively, ensuring productive and professional virtual meetings. This lesson will help you conduct seamless and efficient online meetings.

Work Software: Productivity

Master productivity tools to enhance your efficiency at work. This lesson covers tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You'll learn to use these tools to organize your work and improve your productivity. By mastering these applications, you'll be able to streamline your workflows and increase your productivity.


Digital Media: Video Editing

Gain expertise in video editing with software like CapCut, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. This lesson will guide you through the process of creating and editing professional-quality videos. By mastering these skills, you'll be able to produce high-quality video content.

Project Management: Digital Media Production

Learn the essentials of digital media production, including podcasts and vodcasts. This lesson covers the planning and execution of digital media projects, equipping you with project management skills. You'll be able to manage and produce engaging digital content.

Project Management: Social Media

Develop project management skills for social media with tools like Asana and Instagram. This lesson covers the planning and execution of social media projects, helping you manage online presence effectively. You'll be equipped to run successful social media campaigns.

Project Management: Website Content

Master website content management with tools like HTML/Github, Wix, and Wordpress. This lesson covers the skills needed to create, manage, and optimize website content effectively. You'll learn to build and maintain professional websites.

Project Management: Online Events

Learn to manage online events with tools like Asana and Zoho CRM. This lesson covers the planning and coordination of virtual events, ensuring successful and engaging online experiences. You'll gain the skills to organize and execute effective online events.

Project Management: In-Person Events

Enhance your in-person event management skills with tools like Asana and Zoho CRM. This lesson covers the planning and execution of physical events, ensuring smooth and successful events. You'll learn to coordinate all aspects of in-person events efficiently.

Entrepreneurship: Services Startup

Explore the essentials of starting a service-based business. This lesson covers idea and market research, financial management with Freshbooks, and the use of Yelp. You'll also learn to participate in pitch competitions and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This lesson will provide you with the foundation to launch a successful service-based business.


We have developed our skills through a history of direct service and a foundation of mutual respect. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences prepare us to effectively serve the communities we work with.

Polo Valdovinos

Bio image Polo Valdovinos

Polo is an experienced Program Developer and Manager with over 20 years of expertise in delivering software products and managing diverse global teams. He has a strong background implementing work skill training programs. Polo's experience includes working within library programs to support English language learners and other community groups.

Kevin Hu

Bio image Kevin Hu

Kevin is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in product management and technology consulting. As a Program Developer, Kevin has implemented programs that integrate content, communication, and impact data. His work focuses on creating solutions to enhance the educational experiences and outcomes for first-generation college students.

Joana Figueroa

Bio image of Joana Figueroa

Joana is a committed Technology Trainer with extensive experience in literacy and education programs. She has worked with both Spanish and English-speaking audiences, excelling at connecting with students from diverse backgrounds. She has successfully designed and implemented programs that empower individuals through technology.

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